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This is Me :D

Welcome Friends Or... People I have not met yet. I am Mrs. T , I reside In Southern California Dont Get me wrong It's Not always 75 degrees here. Currently I am a Stay at home Mom (SAHM) I take care of my two girls "J" and "C". (J is 8 and C is 3). Both girls have me running up and down the stairs and are slowly turning My hair gray. I am married to my best friend "CJ" we have known each other for over 10 years now, been married for 4 years. (yeaaah i know thats a long time to know someone). I plan on getting back into School to further my education in Nursing or If i dont get that far then you might see me pushing carts at your nearest Target. Im Almost 30 and I have learned a few lessons that I might share with all of you later on if not lets just kill some time by having some fun!

When I need to describe myself I would say ... Im not the brightest crayon in the box But I am the darkest, If You dont have anything Nice to say Come sit next to me, I am clumsy, random, quirky, quiet at times, bitchy at the wrong moments, Im Shrewd (Man I hate that word but Its me. ) Oh and I do talk to myself a lot. Hey I need someone's honest opinion !. I like to think Im funny but sometimes my big mouth tends to have No filter. Um lets see... Im NOT down for the side roles I dont play sides, I dont do High school drama Bullshit by all means check that shit at the door before coming into my home. I feel respect is earned not given and i believe in Karma I believe what goes around comes around 10fold,

I'm going to be a real person talking about real things that happen in our everyday lives, From "Nonsense to Momsense" , "to 50 shades of Not tonight way too tired".  some of the things may seem "too out there" or "MOMS DONT SAY THAT".. Newsflash !!!! YES WE DO!" Or some days I will rant and rave about about boring shit (Oh yah i do curse like a sailor! ). Lets Face it being a Parent and a Wife Did not come with a Instruction book SO I want to take this opportunity to "make this my Instruction book" and If you would like to Come along with me on my Journey and offer your advice I welcome you to my life. Some of the things I write may offend some people If I do Offend you I apologize now. 

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