Sunday, July 28, 2013

IS SHE POTTY TRAINED YET!!! ...sigh..not yet

"C' decided that she would leave the toilet and run around the house naked after she had done her #2. she thinks its hilarious for me to chase her without a diaper. Well I finally got her back into the bathroom after chasing her around the kitchen numerous times. I really do wonder what goes on her mind sometimes. she gets a kick out of it and now i wonder why some moms become alcoholics lol. "C" has a privacy issue if she has to go poop she will run and hide. she has no problem peeing freely,  Pooping is another story. I even tried talking to her while shes on the toilet about how cool it is to not wear a diaper. and how she can be a big girl now. shes still holding on to her youth and good for her!!!!! so she should because once you hit 25 its all down hill. the years go by like days.

 I Will continue on with my potty training adventures she is getting to the point where she tells us. its the constant on the go we have and i need to be brave and put some panties on her and just see how she does. Help me i am so not ready for that ahaha

time to take on another potty challenge wish me luck


  1. My oldest son used to hide behind our couch to poop in his diaper. This was when he was around two years old and he wasn't potty trained yet, but he was old enough to start feeing self-conscious about pooping in "front" of people, even if it was in his diaper. He would pee in his diaper no matter where he was or who was watching, but pooping took concentration, I guess, LOL. Ahhh, fun times with that one, let me tell you. He was my longest child to wear a diaper, the hardest one to potty train. Maybe it was him, or maybe it was me (since he was my first) but the rest of them were EASY!

    Good luck with the potty training!

    Katrina @ They All Call Me Mom

    1. Katrina!
      Hello!!!! thank You!!!!! I sure do hope this ends soon lol, I am glad to know that this is a normal thing for them to do. I do know that "c's" dad used to do the same thing as well. we all think its hilarious that she hides. Thanks for the follow back! you rock! I will definitely drop by often and leave ya notes have a great day