Tuesday, July 30, 2013

"C" Turned 3!! Soccer Starts and being Unemployed!


Hey Everyone SOOOOO sorry for the lack of update yesterday, "C" turned 3 yesterday and I have a Bunch of Pics I will be putting up.. well Not a bunch but a few We took her to CHUCK E CHEESE and since shes not feeling well still we decided to have a party for her this weekend.

 TONIGHT!!!!! :D we met "Js" soccer coach. her first practice starts thursday and next week for 12 days she will have practice every day at 6pm SO that means I may be lacking on the posts hopefully not since one of us will stay at home and watch "C" run a muck!

YAY for soccer!!!!

Tonight i have been filling out applications everywhere.. I am trying my hand out at everything i can possibly dream of from Library assistant.. to working at petco GO FIGURE this bitch is allergic to pets and im going to work with them someone Medicate me NOW lol. SO tonight I have been on every damn Site to look for a job Careerbuilder Monster Indeed craigslist.. etc.. GO ME.. I do need a job so I can make money and get out every once and a while.. i will keep all of you posted on how well this is working out for me... hashtag #beingunemployedblows #hiremeplease #iamagoodworker..

hope everyone has a good night i will be back tomorrow !

Sunday, July 28, 2013

IS SHE POTTY TRAINED YET!!! ...sigh..not yet

"C' decided that she would leave the toilet and run around the house naked after she had done her #2. she thinks its hilarious for me to chase her without a diaper. Well I finally got her back into the bathroom after chasing her around the kitchen numerous times. I really do wonder what goes on her mind sometimes. she gets a kick out of it and now i wonder why some moms become alcoholics lol. "C" has a privacy issue if she has to go poop she will run and hide. she has no problem peeing freely,  Pooping is another story. I even tried talking to her while shes on the toilet about how cool it is to not wear a diaper. and how she can be a big girl now. shes still holding on to her youth and good for her!!!!! so she should because once you hit 25 its all down hill. the years go by like days.

 I Will continue on with my potty training adventures she is getting to the point where she tells us. its the constant on the go we have and i need to be brave and put some panties on her and just see how she does. Help me i am so not ready for that ahaha

time to take on another potty challenge wish me luck

Back At It, Sleepness Nights Bring It On World

Ah hello Friends...
 welcome back to another edition of Mrs. T's blog.. I am back in the game OH how I have missed venting away about nonsense and this time I got some great stuff to share. SO Ok where do I start. This week has been restless I should say, with that came Two Sickies and a passing of a beloved pet. So our emotions in the house have been a mess. Since Ive last blogged Ive moved twice , had a falling out with My Mother who is still not right. (We shall gather with Wine and fine cheese and discuss that later!). Broke Two ribs! I managed to break two bones at the same time GO ME! that is a tale for another day as well. 

 "C' and "CJ" arent feeling to well this week they both have caught some kind of yucky bug that I have been dodging somehow.. (by eating all my green veggies, getting 8 hrs of rest. laying off the sugars).. psh NO WAY.. i seriously dont know how I am not sick yet. well "C" has been stomach sick so every night shes been waking up and throwing up left and right. dr. Dx (DX= diagnosed ) her with a sinus infection but baby girl cant seem to hold down the medicine so shes very congested. "CJ" and I went to Our nearest Drug Store. and bought a vapor humidifire and some pedialite. <electrolites? hmm.. im too lazy to check the spelling on those OK any who. so at this point i dont think they are contagious if im good to go.. long story short ive gotten Little sleep since wednesday? sure why not ! so ive been taking it easy as always.

last week we had to put down one of our dogs which still isnt the easiest thing if youre an animal lover. but it was for the best he is no longer in pain and no longer suffering he missed here very much it will take some time for this is not something a person gets over quickly.

enough of the sad news.. gosh i didnt start this welcome back blog off to great. in other news "J" is starting soccer soon I couldnt be happier she gets to meet her coach this week and practice starts AUG 1st. and every Saturday starting in Aug-Dec she will have games. which means ill need to cut my friday nights short. 12am bedtime! lol seriously look what time im blogging now.. 1am.. no joke i have to be in bed by 12 or else everything will turn back into a pumpkin. "J" seems to be excited I never know if shes really happy for something she shows her emotions at weird times,... I would have a weird kid thank you Big man upstairs for the bundle of joy .

This will end my first Welcome back post Have a good morning ! i shall see you guys real soon!!! and for the new readers if you like what you see feel free to follow me  I will drop you a visit and follow back!