Tuesday, July 30, 2013

"C" Turned 3!! Soccer Starts and being Unemployed!


Hey Everyone SOOOOO sorry for the lack of update yesterday, "C" turned 3 yesterday and I have a Bunch of Pics I will be putting up.. well Not a bunch but a few We took her to CHUCK E CHEESE and since shes not feeling well still we decided to have a party for her this weekend.

 TONIGHT!!!!! :D we met "Js" soccer coach. her first practice starts thursday and next week for 12 days she will have practice every day at 6pm SO that means I may be lacking on the posts hopefully not since one of us will stay at home and watch "C" run a muck!

YAY for soccer!!!!

Tonight i have been filling out applications everywhere.. I am trying my hand out at everything i can possibly dream of from Library assistant.. to working at petco GO FIGURE this bitch is allergic to pets and im going to work with them someone Medicate me NOW lol. SO tonight I have been on every damn Site to look for a job Careerbuilder Monster Indeed craigslist.. etc.. GO ME.. I do need a job so I can make money and get out every once and a while.. i will keep all of you posted on how well this is working out for me... hashtag #beingunemployedblows #hiremeplease #iamagoodworker..

hope everyone has a good night i will be back tomorrow !

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