Free Advice Saturday's

This is where I go through all my fan mail sometimes SPAM MAIL and pick out some of the readers concerns or problems, without sitting through an episode of Dr. Phil they can email me for Free and ask me for my best advice. Now I may not have all the right answers and some of the things you may not like to hear. You can also send in anonymously or hell a fake name would be fine.

 If you would like to ask me anything, at all from love, relationships. kids, girls, boys, romance, math tests, (now i may cheat for those answers), why is the sky blue?, where do babies come from etc..  (Now remember to keep it on a Positive level All negative or Insulting concerns will be deleted.

for funsies I do read Tarot Cards, and Newspaper horoscopes so If you are interested in that as well Drop me a line! I dont DO well on lottery Numbers But once I win the Powerball I will hand out Numbers like beans!

email me "DEAR MRS. T" at

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