"C's Spot "

"I talkng to Antee hewoo Antee "

This is my darling Little Monster "C" shes 3 going on 3. she definitely acts her age and I say this because of the madness she puts me through lol.

"C" is having a hard time talking to people around our house, where some words are clear a lot of them are questionable. (well being around her you pretty much know what she is saying , unless she has you by the hand and telling you she wants Peanut Butter).  "C" is a picky eater she wants you to TRY IT first before she takes a bite. She recently started sleeping in a toddler bed which we thought was going to go horribly wrong, Nope not all she loves it.

"C" Is in the progress of Potty Training you will see postings about that as well. Every time she goes to the potty I tell myself "Oh yeah shes almost ready" when in reality im probably in some kind of denial. --we all go through it i just havent come to terms yet. so we have been potty training for a very long time because "c" goes through moments where she hates the potty and she wont go into the bathroom and then she has days where all she wants to do is be a poop machine. Its really hard and I pushed it with "J" and that was something i didnt want to do with "C". I ended up having More accidents with "J".

"C" is a daddy's girl, "CJ" just recently got out of the Military Honorably (Airforce), and his work schedule was very heckteck. he worked 24hr shifts every other day as a firefighter. so in that time she spent her days with me Where I did everything under the sun for her. NOW she doesnt even want me to make her food.! ..unless if its an egg "CJ" cant stand eggs so Im in charge of cooking them lol. "C" loves car rides she HAS to go everywhere. she also has a Blanket that I cannot wash she has to have her "B" with her at all times. I do hope she grows out of that stage this year.

And with having a toddler comes tantrums like there's no tomorrow Any tips and tricks on how to stop those would be greatly appreciated. "C" loves to get dirty and play in the water. Her Grandma Lynn calls her a "country girl". I dread the bath and wash when she goes outside. I think she loves to be outside every chance she gets since we lived in PHX AZ. she couldnt really go outside because it was 119. "C" has two dogs 4 cats 1 big sister and two parents she likes to test the limits with.

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