" J's Corner "

Meet "J" age 8 going on 18

"J" Loves to be a leader and she has a lot of "important " things to say to you, She likes to spend her days at the library (I believe i have a young scientist on my hands ). Science and Archeology are her favorite things to study right now. "J" will be starting 3rd Grade In August. She also likes to draw, rider her bike and help out by making messes in the kitchen.

Im dedicating this Page to her , Maybe Ill have her post some of her famous Musings of the day. a lot of parents brag about how smart their kids are or sometimes my favorite one is "My kid is smarter than your kid she/he can peel bananas with his feet". Or something along that lines. "J" Is my Jewel She surprises me every day with how much she knows. "J" can read at a 5th grade level and is ahead in all of her subjects. I do pull out my photos and brag when the moment is right.

 Being the Older sister is a tough job for her, and when shes not running and hiding from her younger sister "C" shes trying her hand in helping others around the house. "J" saved my life when i was 19. My life was going through a bad time and i found out i was pregnant and even through my pregnancy with her had complications, life threatening complications. I knew she was sent from above to take care of me and I wouldn't have it any other way .

10 reasons why she Loves her Mom

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